Zoook Portable Mobile Charger / Power Bank ZP-PB10DA 10000mAh (White)

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Are you tired of running out of battery power on your devices during crucial times when you need to be connected? The world has changed, the demands of our employers, clients and even teachers can mean that we must stay connected at all times. Lets face it for many of us our life is spent constantly on the go and there never seems to be an outlet around when we need it most. Never be without a boost for your phone or tablet again. Zoook's Powervault is the perfect smart accessory for your smart devices!Zoook® Power Vault is a line of portable external batteries designed for our modern mobile age. High capacity power and compact designs make these batteries a reliable power companion on the go. With affordable prices and great customer service, never gets tranded without power again.Powervault is designed with two USB output ports, will quickly and effectively help to solve the low power problem for your digital device while traveling out.The 10DA is wrapped in high quality ABS Material provides that premium and leather like touch and feel. Its compact design allows for easy portability and handling wherever you go.