U-Globe 2200mAh power bank-Black

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The light weight and compact U-Globe 2200mAh Power Bank is a state of the art user-friendly power bank that is compatible with almost all the smartphones. Available with a 1 year U-Globe India warranty, this power bank is easy to carry wherever you go. Battery Capacity This Power bank charger has Lithium Ion battery. It has a battery capacity of 2200mAh . An average smartphone battery is in the range of 2000-3000mAh. This implies that once fully charged, this power bank can accommodate 1 smart devices. Charging Time This power bank has a charging time of 4-5 hours. The manufacturers guarantee that this power bank can recharge most batteries of digital products to full capacity from a completely dead state. Easy to install Once plugged, the Plug & Play feature of this power bank charger activates and starts the charging function. In the Box On purchasing the U-Globe 2200mAh power bank from deal, you get the following items along with the package: 1- U-Globe power bank 2- Android usb cable Safe to use U-Globe (2200mAh) Power Bank - White is safe to be used with much of the latest smart phones. It also takes care of battery voltage. State-of-the-art design This sleek power bank goes well with your elegant smartphones. Bright in color and easy to carry, this power bank is portable and handy. Rechargeable This steadfast power bank offers flexible charging facility. Itcan easily charge it through your notebook's USB port or with wall adapter with USB charging cable.