Portronics POR-544 Charge Tube 2600 mAh Power Bank ( Brown)

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As per prominent personal gadgetry of present times, smart phones, tablets and laptops are most likely to come up at the top of the list. These gadgets have not only made life easy for us but also in a way have made us so dependent upon them that it is practically impossible to imagine a single day without these. The basic problem with these gadgets for frequent users is that the batteries used in these gadgets are not adequate to support extensive usage by the user. Due to this, it is pretty common for gadget users to scrounge for charging ports. The latest techno solution to this problem has appeared in the form of Charge Tube power banks from Portronics which when charged to their capacity can act a supplementary charging module for the gadgets and that too multiple times. The device comes with a formidable 2600 mAh capacity.The device is designed to be light in weight and handy which is essential for those users who are travelling frequently and cannot afford to carry a large power bank with them. Output charging port is formed on USB hardware platform and thus can be easily coupled with any smart phone & tablet. The output port in the device is formed of 1 A/5 V configuration that makes it compatible for the charging requirements of almost all kinds of devices. Charge Tube is so handy and comfy that you just can't resist it. Forget about those old-fashioned bulky power banks that cause more trouble than convenience while on travel. This master-blaster device is so small that you can keep it in the pocket without any discomfort. Vaccum Base helps to affix the Chargetube to the platform it is kept on.