Lappymaster Portable travel 10400mAh Power Bank

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Lappymaster 10400mAh Power Bank is a high quality product manufactured by using best quality components and parts including high capacity original A grade Cell Lithium - Ion. This Power Bank Support various models of smart phones manufactured by various companies including Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, Sony, Microsoft etc. Lappymaster Offering a whopping 10400mAh of backup power, you will be able to easily and quickly recharge your Smartphon ever when you are miles away from the nearest power plug. This set is allowing you to charge your device while travelling in car, train, on the plane and camping at the beach. This Ultra Popular Smartphone, and Tablets. Lappymaster Power Bank gives your mobile uninterrupted power supply and increase availability with faster charging speed. Few Important Features of this power bank are: Works for longer hours and can charge mobile multiple times faster. High Efficiency of Power Conversion and Electricity saving function. Environmental friendly. Protection from short Circuit. Light weight and beautiful design, easy to carry. Both 1A/2A output charging point given by in this product. 1 Meter long cable for easy and comfort for charging . 2mm thickness of the cable with high quality material used for faster data and charging speed.