Lappymaster 12000mAH Power Bank

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Lappymaster 12000mAH Power Bank

Your Ideal Travel Companion

Are you a frequent traveller and often feel annoyed with your phone’s draining battery? Then checkout Lappymaster 12000mAH Power Bank and keep your conversations going. The powerbank is designed with the capacity of 12000mAh and can quickly charge your device even if you are miles away from your home or the power plug. No matter whether you are travelling by train, car or plane, you can always keep this tiny pocket-sized device in your kitty and chat uninterruptedly as long as you want. The mini charging device gives continuous power supply to your mobile phone and allows a faster charging speed as well.

Electricity Saving Function, Safety and Other Features

Lappymaster 1200mAh powerbank is an ideal choice if you wish to buy a charging device with power saving feature. The environment-friendly charger doesn’t misuses electricity and utilizes it smartly. Importantly, the device is designed with essential safety features and provides assured protection from short circuits. It doesn’t matter if the powerbank gets over charged, it will not lead to any damage. Comes in a light-weight and compact design, you must keep this lithium-ion power bank away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity. Lastly, the Lappymaster product comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.