Lappymaster 10400mAH Power Bank

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Lappymaster 10400 mAh Power Bank

A Reliable and Portable power bank

Keeping your desired devices charged during outdoor usage becomes easy thanks to the Lappymaster Power Bank. This power bank comes with ample storage capacity that enables you to charge various devices effectively. The two USB ports give you the liberty to charge two devices at one time. It comes with an LED torch which is very useful and comes with four different LED indicators that reflect the battery status. This highly effective device has a sleek structure and comes with a lightweight body. Thus, you can easily carry it wherever you want to and charge your devices on the go. The stylish design looks elegant and also makes it easy to hold the device. The Lithium ion battery features cutting edge Li-ion technology that offers strength and enhances the device's life. This four cell battery uses effective chipsets that protect the device from issues like short circuit, over charge and overheating. The long and thick cable facilitates comfortable charging.

10400 mAh capacity and compact body

This highly useful and reliable charger has adequate capacity to keep your desired devices charged for a longer duration. The 10400 mAh capacity is adequate enough to power multiple devices efficiently. It comes with a lightweight structure and compact body that saves space and makes it ideal to carry. The sleek design facilitates better grip.

Ergonomic structure and ample safety precautions

This Lappymaster portable charger comes with a compact and sturdy structure. At the top are the four LED lights that indicate battery status. At the top side is the power on and off button. Along with this button are two USB ports meant for device connection. These USB ports make it compatible with various smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPods, music players and cameras. Between these two USB ports comes the charging point for this device. It also includes an in-built LED torch that is very effective as it offers artificial lighting during dark conditions. This device has several safety features that shield it from accidental damage. The lithium ion battery is complemented by superior chipsets that keep the charger safe.

Durable charging cable and LED indicator

This tiny and portable Lappymaster powerhouse comes with a long charging cable that makes charging this device easy. This 1 meter long cable offers comfortable charging while the 2 mm thickness ensures high durability and strength. Hence, this cable is able to withstand robust use. The cable is made up of high quality material which offers faster charging. This portable charger is also armed with an LED indicator that reflects the battery status. It has four lights that display the various stages of battery life.