Headphones Price List in India

JVC HARX300 Headphone

  • Compatible With: Mobile

Ducati i-02 Headphones

  • Design: Canalphone
  • Compatible With: Mobile, Laptop, Audio Player
  • Noise Cancellation

Superlux HD-681 EVO Stereo Dynamic Headphones

  • Design: Over the Head
  • Compatible With: Laptop, Audio Player, Studio Recording, Gaming Console, Tablet, Mobile
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5

AKG K416P Wired Headphones

  • Design: Over the Head
  • Compatible With: Audio Player
  • Bluetooth Support: No | Wired

Audio ATH-AVC300 Headphones

  • Compatible With: Mobile

Headphones Price List in India

Position Headphones Price List in India Prices Rating
1Panasonic Stereo Headset - RP-HXS200ME-A (Blue)Rs.2,4905/5
2Panasonic Stereo Headset - RP-HXS200ME-K (Black)Rs.2,4904/5
3Panasonic Stereo Headset - RP-HXS200ME-W (White)Rs.2,4904.5/5
4Panasonic On Ear Headphones RP-HXD5WE-W (White)Rs.3,4994/5
5Panasonic In-Ear Earphone for 2.5mm MobilesRP-HV241E-KRs.5995/5
6Vizio 3.5mm In-Ear EarphoneRs.1894/5
7Panasonic OEM In-Ear Eeadphone - RP-HJC120E-KRs.8795/5
8Callmate HELLOARHRD 3.5 mm Jack Anti-radiation Handset Fo...Rs.5494/5
9Zync 701 In-Ear Headphone Headset With Mic - SilverRs.3994.5/5
10Zync 701 In-Ear Headphone Headset With Mic - GoldenRs.3994/5
Importance of headphones can only be asked by the music lovers. People crazy for music crave for headphones. Headphones give you a personal approach towards music. They let you feel your own world. Just image yourself in a bus in a hill station, your eyes being closed and your heart being in the melody of amazing songs of your genre. WOW! Can there be anything more beautiful than this? I don’t think, there can be anything satiating than this. But it’s really important for you to see which headphones you are buying because your ears are definitely going to be affected by it. Good music feeds your ears, heart and soul, but good music can be ruined if the device is not appropriate. Research which brands offer what and shortlist on the basis of your needs, then look which one exactly matches your needs. Also these days you get amazing designs and colors in headphones. IndiaShopps has a wide range of branded headphones be it Sony, JBL, Skull Candy etc. Compare the prices of each product before buying so that you end up saving your money while even spending.
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