Shoe Care Price List in India

Shoe Care Price List in India

Position Shoe Care Price List in India Prices Rating
1Venus No.1 Brush(2 ml, Brown, Black)Rs.1204/5
2Venus ShoeShine Brush(2 ml, Black)Rs.1305/5
3Venus Commando Brush(2 ml, Yellow)Rs.1104/5
4Venus Shoe Care Combo Shoe Care Kit(6.5 ml, Brown)Rs.1954/5
5Shoebook Instant Shoe Shiner Shoe Care Kit(0 ml, Multicolor)Rs.2494/5
6Shoeshine India round hiking shoelace (C3) 150cm trekking Shoe Lace(Multi Set of 3)Rs.1954/5
7Puma BWG12 Shoe Lace(WHITE Set of 12)Rs.1994.5/5
8Shoeshine India sport shoelace 150cm Y6 flat Shoe Lace(Multi Set of 6)Rs.2955/5
9Maddcell Shoe polish shner for leather shoes Shiner(Leather, Synthetic Leather, Suede, Natural)Rs.2605/5
10Love Earth HEELS POLISH Shiner(Leather, Synthetic Leather, Generic, White)Rs.1504/5
Let’s rediscover the art of shoe care! Yes, you must be thinking why am I calling it an art? Because it actually is! Keeping a pair of shoe for a longer period of time maintaining its polish and newness absolutely takes some pain which everyone can’t take.

You have to be pretty careful towards your collection of shoes to take care of them. To take well acre of all your shoes, you first need to understand that what material is it made of. Every material needs its own attention and care. You can’t apply the same polish on every shoe. So you need to know the fineness of your shoes.

It’s completely worth spending your time understanding that because when you buy a new pair shoes, you spend so much on it; and also if you take good care of your shoes you can expand your collection of shoes, which opens so many options for you to wear when you dress up yourself for particular occasions.

Let us take you through few tips which are sure to help you out with your shoe care. Spray your shoes with a waterproof protector if they get wet in the rain it will not allow them to spoil away. Adding taps and half soles of rubebr to the bottoms of the shoes which will add years to the life of the shoes. To prevent your shoes from bad odour clean the inside part of the shoe with a drop of alcohol, tea tree oil or an antifugal agent. Be careful with your leather shoes while doing this otherwise they can give you long lasting stain. Try to wear sock liners, which will protect your feet against perspiration due to which insoles of the shoes gets abrades.

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