Briefs Price List in India

Men briefs and underwear are garments that need to be of utmost comfort level. The first thing I am talking about comfort level is because when you look for an undergarment your priority concern should be the comfort level it is offering. This very crucial factor is defined by other factors. Let me explain it to you.

The comfort level of your brief is based on the fabric it made up of and the design of it. There are various kind of men briefs available in the market. When you are shopping online, you will come across umpteen options considering colour, brands, sizes, fits, designs, fabric. Some of the well-known brands in this section are Jockey, Lux, FCUK, Puma, Denizen, Dockers, Jack & Jones etc.

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Briefs Price List in India

Position Briefs Price List in India Prices Rating
1Laceandme Men's BriefRs.3994/5
2Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.1755/5
3Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.1754/5
4Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.2255/5
5Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.2254/5
6Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.2004/5
7Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.1755/5
8Park Avenue Men's BriefRs.1754.5/5
9Killer Men's BriefRs.2294/5
10Blue Line Men's BriefRs.6995/5