Pants Trousers Price List in India

Pants Trousers Price List in India

Position Pants Trousers Price List in India Prices Rating
1Peter England Slim Fit Men Green TrousersRs.1,4995/5
2Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Grey TrousersRs.1,5004/5
3Peter England Slim Fit Men Black TrousersRs.1,1904.5/5
4People Regular Fit Men Blue TrousersRs.9994/5
5Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Brown TrousersRs.1,7255/5
6Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Dark Blue TrousersRs.1,9994/5
7Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Dark Blue TrousersRs.2,5995/5
8Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Dark Blue TrousersRs.1,9994/5
9Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Grey TrousersRs.1,3804.5/5
10Van Heusen Slim Fit Men Grey TrousersRs.1,5005/5
First impression is the last impression! I know you have read and heard this quote many times. The quotation is indeed true. Your first impression really leaves your presence on person’s mind.

If you are dressed up in a gracious manner, it shows how finely you perceive things. It’s a human nature to make judgements and let’s admit it that as soon as we see a person, a thought runs through our mind; though that is not the final call about the person we are meeting for the first time but that thought isn’t irrelevant. We take our further thoughts based on that first thought. Now if you are going for an interview, your first impression really matters and you need to dress up well for that.

Same if you are going on date, you can’t be casual about what you are going to wear. People at times tend to ignore their bottoms but it is no less than a blunder. We think that if we wearing a good shirt or a t-shirt that’s enough and thus we don’t pay much attention to our trousers and pants. That’s absolutely shabby about your dressing style. Your trousers and pants are as important as your upper body clothes. After all your bottoms complete your overall look.

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