Portable Garment Steamer - Best Clothes & Fabric Steamer - Powerful 800W Handheld Steamer

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A quintessential staple for any laundry room!Bemlint's Handheld Fabric Steamer releases unsightly wrinkles from nearly allgarments - from light, delicate sheets and clothing to heavy draperies and othertough fabrics. The lightweight, simple-to-use device features a fixed nozzle thatproduces a continuous, powerful flow of hot steam capable of handling the toughestmaterials. Attach the lint remover or fabric brush to complete your laundering job. The small, portable device is easy to store, making it a perfect addition to your collection of laundry room essentials.---------Simply to Use---------Fill The tank with water The generously sized reservoir holds up to 6 ounces ofwater, allowing you to obliterate even the most stubborn wrinkles the tank Features a convenient level window to show when water is running lowFast-Heating Water Tank heats quickly to emit wrinkle-busting steam in 2 minutes, delivers a steady surge of hot, wrinkle-releasing steam at the perfect temperature.The nozzle disperses steam evenly, ensuring optimal control and all-over penetration.Improved Nozzle Design 2 included detachable accessories easily interchange to fit the needs of each steaming job. The lint remover removes loose threads, hair, and lint from fabrics, while the fabric brush delicately releases wrinklesfrom a laundry list of materials.All-in-One Handheld Design working wonders for removing wrinkles frommany fabrics. It helps you avoid the limitations and hassle of an iron - from fragile tablecloths, linens, and silks to heavy, cumbersome curtains and coats.---------What's in the Box---------âÅ"â€? Fabric SteamerâÅ"â€? Fabric brushâÅ"â€? Lint remover âÅ"â€? User Manual Risk free | Backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!If you are not satisfied with the steamer, just return it within 30 days for a full refund.