Activa Blackjack Clay, 5-Pound, Dries to Light Tan

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Blackjack Clay. The body that this clay possesses makes it perfect for hand building. Satin Stone 2 formula clay does not have a tendency to sag and lends itself readily to projects requiring vertical side strength. It bonds to itself without difficulty and adapts to coil building. This clay is an ideal choice as a medium for free form sculpture. The properties inherited from Mother Earth make throwing with this clay an enjoyable experience. Satin Stone 2 has a remarkable smooth feel and texture. Once the piece is allowed to dry to a leather state, it can be carved and decorated easily. The clay responds well to glazes which can be applied directly to the green ware or added to bisque ware before a second fire. This package contains 5lb/2.27kg of natural clay. Clay conforms to ASTM D4236. Made in USA.