Stanley 8 pcs Double Open End Spanner Set 70-379

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Infistock presents 8pcs Double Open End Spanner Set 70-379 from Stanley, world's largest brand in manufacturing tools for over 160 years. The spanner set contains 8 Spanners of various sizes each made from premium quality steel. The tools are broadly been used for fastening purposes by mechanics, plumbers and electricians. The tools are rust proof and hence are strong and durable. Each spanner has two open jaws at both the ends and the jaws are designed so ergonomically that the open ends of the jaws perfectly fits the faces of the nuts.This helps in reducing the risk of slipping while using the spanner. The Spanner set contains 8 spanners of the following sizes :,6 x 7 mm, 8 x 9 mm, 10 x 11 mm, 12 x 13 mm, 14 x 15 mm, 16 x 17 mm, 18 x 19 mm, 20 x 22 mm respectively.Stanley 8 pcs Double Open End Spanner Set 70-379 is strictly manufactured as per ANSI specifications