Signora Care SCEK - 908 1.5-Litre Electric Kettle (Silver)

Rs. 999.00

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Every individual today believes in cooking healthy and smart to balance the nutrition needs. The easiest and quick solution to all our woes is the instant cook electric kettle by signora as it not only reduces the time taken but also minimizes effort. It has a 1. 5 liter capacity and is capable of cooking noodles, pasta. It has a stainless steel body it takes just 8 minutes in preparing noodles or pasta, 7 minutes for instant soup, 12 minutes for boiling eggs and 15 minutes to stream corn. Along with all these functions. This appliances can also boil vegetables in just 10 minutes. The auto-energy cut off and the dry boiler make the instruments really safe and easy to handle. This appliance gets switched off automatically if there is negligible or no water in it to avoid dry boiling and overheating of the kettle.