Philips Tornado 23-Watt CFL Bulb (Cool White and Set of 2)

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Long Lasting and Energy Efficient

If you are looking for a long-lasting energy saving lamp, then you can opt for the Philips Tornado CFL bulb. It is a great alternative to traditional lamps as it helps to emit brighter light by consuming lesser energy. As a result, even if you use this bulb on a daily basis, you can still save money on your electricity bill. Moreover, a CFL bulb is considered to be less stressful on the eyes, which is why many people use it as a study lamp too. Available in a set of two, the Philips CFL bulb has a lifetime of 6,000 hours.

Needs No Warm-up Period

While traditional lamps and bulbs can take a while to start, the Philips Tornado 23 Watt CFL bulb turn on instantly and has no noticeable warm-up period. Moreover, the use of this CFL light has no appreciable impact on the power quality at home and the heat produced due to lighting it is negligible. What makes the Philips set of 2 CFL bulb all the more appealing is that it can be easily recycled. This makes the lamp environment friendly. All these features add up to make this U shaped energy saving lamp user-friendly.

  • Brand: Philips
  • Type: CFL bulb
  • Includes: Two CFL bulbs
  • Energy efficient
  • Lifetime of 6,000h
  • No warm-up period
  • Colour: Cool white
  • Produces minimal heat