Opple LED Bulb 7W Warm White B22 (Combo Pack Of 4)

Rs. 725.00

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OPPLE is the No. 1 Online lighting Brand. It is also the ONLY brand in India with a TRUE FLICKER-FREE and LOW GLARE lighting range. Other benefits of OPPLE LIGHTING include: (1) Sparkling Effect, (2)No UltraViolet Radiation, (3)No Infra-Red Radiation, (4)They are Instant On and finally, (5)Contain NO heavy metals like mercury. (Yes, CFL and tubelights may contain mercury and may cause health issues to susceptible individuals incase of accidental breakage only.) So OPPLE LIGHTING brings to you PREMIUM QUALITY, FLICKER FREE, BRIGHT, LONG LIFE, ENERGY SAVER, and INDOOR POLLUTION FREE lighting solution.