Imperial 8W B22 Led Filament Bulb(Pack of 4,White)

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Popular in restaurants, lobbies, coffee shops, or even old diners, antique light bulbs have made a huge resurgence over the last few decades. Better still, LED lights have recently been developed to mimic these beautiful bulbs with an LED "filament" that looks similar to the classic wire wound filament of an incandescent. That's right, the warm glow of a vintage reproduction incandescent now comes in energy-efficient LED bulbs by Imperial Led. The decorative filament range uses low energy LEDs as its filaments. These vintage style lamps have a very close resemblance to traditional incandescent bulbs. Light is emitted from LED filaments uniformly and evenly in all directions, instead of focusing it in a specific area in the way that many LED light bulbs do. These energy saving lamps provide a retro look at the fraction of the energy cost of an old style incandescent light bulb. These antique style decorative lamps are perfect for traditional style light fittings, crystal chandeliers, or any type of light fitting where the bulb is visible. These lamps are non-dimmable and should not be used with dimmers switches. "Goods bought from sellers are not genuine & will not be covered under warranty".