iLuxer 6W LED Bulb

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APPLICATIONS: Suitable for illuminating living rooms, etc,. (1) Area: » Indoor (2) Purpose: » House hold lightings. FEATURES: (1) Optical: » Optical pattern meets all standard Outdoor Light Standards. » Uniform illuminance distribution. (2) Power: » Switched mode constant current power supply. » Over-heat, Over-voltage, Over-current protections are provided. (3) Thermal: » Luminaire surface temperature is 48°C @ Ta=30°C, the temperature variation is controlled under 5°C. » Junction temperature is controlled ot 70°C @ Ta=30. » Overheat protection will operate to adjust as the LED module surface reaches 80°C. (4) Luminaire: » Optimized thermal design to ensure maximum life to LED. » The Heat sink grade aluminium has the highest surface area for efficient heat diffusion and the entire luminary with Aluminium acts as heat sink to increase LED life. » Dust and water protection design meeting IP65 standards. » Super-high luminaire efficacy.