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Towels Towels are an essential part of your bathroom furnishings and something which you use daily, or may be even more than twice a day. Towels are just not needed in bathrooms, but also in kitchens. A towel is something which has a basic purpose of soaking water from your body and for which it has to be rubbed on your body area thus it needs to be absolutely soft, furry and of good quality, so that it doesn’t harm your skin in any way. Towels are just not plain fabrics, they come in various designs and colors. Suppose a dull looking towel in hung around your washbasin area, which is a pathway to your dining hall, it won’t look good at all and will spoil the beauty of your space. Hence you need to choose towels which have an aesthetic appearance as well as they give you a good feel. Buy towels online on IndiaShopps and save by comparing the prices Buy towels online from the largest e-commerce portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon etc. and compare the prices at IndiaShopps to save some bucks. Here you can find towels for all your needs be it a big, small, middle sized and for any space, we have everything for you.

Towels Price List in India (2017)

Position Towels Price List Prices Rating
1Multicolor Poly silk PillowRs.4105/5
2Red Cotton Twill Printed Two Pillow CoversRs.1994/5
3Rajasthani Royal Digital Print Cushion CoverRs.3485/5
4Multi Colour Stripes Pillow CoverRs.4674.5/5
5Yellow Bolster Covers (Set of 2)Rs.4674/5
6White microfibre pillow (1pc)Rs.3,0594/5
7pink cotton pillows & insertRs.5565/5
8green cotton satin pillows & insertRs.5564/5
9red polysilk pillows & insertRs.6955/5
10blue polysilk pillows & insertRs.6954/5

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