Havells DU B-22 5-Watt CFL Bulb (Cool Day Light and Pack of 2)

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Energy Efficient Option to Light up Your Room

Havells, a world leader in the appliance segment has come up with its range of CFL bulbs. The DU B-22 5watt CFL bulbs pack of 2 from Havells are a useful pick for every bright and happy household. Made of high quality glass, this Havells CFL bulb provides you with the brightest and smoothest unbroken illumination possible while consuming minimum power, thus reducing your electricity costs as well. These elegantly designed Havells daylight CFL bulbs have an average life of 25000 hours, providing you with long-term bright lighting.

Can be Easily Fitted Into Sockets

Unlike other bulbs that involves a number of hassles for installation, these Havells DU B-22 5watt CFL bulbs are easy to install as they can be directly fitted into their sockets. The Havells DU B-22 bulb pack of 2 provides you with a flicker-free start and delivers bright illumination as and when the lights are turned on. Unlike traditional filament bulbs that get extremely hot after a few hours of usage, the Havells CFL range of bulbs maintain their warm profile even after extended hours of use.

  • Brand: Havells
  • Power: 5W
  • Includes: Two DU B-22 CFL bulbs
  • Average Rated Life: 25000 hours
  • Lets you save up to 90 percent energy
  • Additional Features: Easy to install with an elegant design, flicker-free instant start