Eveready BHK 20, 27 and 15-Watt Combo CFL (White and Pack of 3)

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Incorporates Advanced Technology for Long Life

This Eveready BHK CFL bulb pack comprises 3 bright and powerful CFL bulbs. These bulbs are fitted with a B22D cap, also known as a Bayonet cap, that require a simple pull and twist action. The Eveready combo CFL bulb set is powered by Voltage Fluctuation Resistance Technology or VFRT that reduces current flow or excess voltage. This helps ensure that the bulbs last for a long period of time. These lights have a cool white light and provide powerful lighting thanks to their high lumen output of 65k.

Energy Saving and Instant Lighting

This Eveready white CFL bulb set has a long life and lasts six times longer than standard incandescent lamps. These bulbs are also energy efficient and save up to 80 percent of energy. Bulbs in this Eveready CFL bulb pack of 3 don't flicker and light up as soon as you switch them on. The three bulbs operate on 20, 27 and 15 W power. They feature a wide voltage operating range of 220-240 V and can conveniently fit in normal sized holders. With the host of features they offer, these bulbs are a useful addition to your home.

  • Brand: Eveready
  • Light Colour: Cool white
  • Incorporate Voltage Fluctuation Resistance Technology (VFRT)
  • Lumen Output: 65K
  • Lasts 6 times longer than standard incandescent lights
  • Saves up to 80 percent energy
  • Does not flicker and instantly starts
  • Mercury Content: 3.2mg
  • Wattage: 20, 27 and 15 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V