Arra Furniture - Lowest Price List in India with Comparison

A dominant factor in setting up the visual appeal of your interiors. No matter whether the house is small or big, the right kind of furniture as per the space can change the whole story of the room. Even if your rooms are not very much big, if you present them with the right kind of furniture as in size, design and material quality, you are just ready impress anyone with your décor sense. You need to shop furniture for every space of your home sweet home like the living room, bedroom, guest room, garden, terrace etc. and for every kind of space you have different requirements. Buy Amazing Furniture Online Get the best of furniture online through various e-commerce platforms but don’t forget to compare the prices at Indiashopps, of any furniture you like. Who knows you might save good number of bucks for your next hair spa.

Arra Furniture Price List in India (2017)

Arra Furniture Price List Prices Rating
ARRA Engineered Wood Single FutonRs.12,7505/5
ARRA Solid Wood 1 Seater SofaRs.21,9004.5/5
ARRA Fabric 3 Seater SofaRs.18,7854/5
ARRA Engineered Wood Standard OttomanRs.3,5705/5
ARRA Solid Wood Standard OttomanRs.3,3154/5
ARRA Engineered Wood Standard OttomanRs.2,4654/5
ARRA Engineered Wood Standard OttomanRs.3,9524/5
ARRA Solid Wood Standard OttomanRs.3,7404.5/5
ARRA Engineered Wood Standard OttomanRs.2,7204/5
ARRA Engineered Wood Standard OttomanRs.3,5705/5

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