Kmltail Screen Protector for Lenovo G50-80 80E502Q8IH 15.6-inch Laptop

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Features: - Great protection for your laptop and notebook LCD screen - with no residue during removal - As same inch, long and wide is different - That we will take our dimension for standard - This Screen Guard Protector Film can protect your eyes - With high performance, this Screen Guard Protector Film can remove glare, improve contrast - It is very safe to use and has no adverse affect whatsoever on your equipment - This will protect your screen from scratching and normal use damage Package: - 1 x Screen protector for 15.6 inch (345mm x 194mm) Use Step: - Clear the screen carefully, remove the dust and contaminants - Peel off the label No.1 layer half of screen guard - Stick the screen guard carefully and slowly - Peel off the label No.2 layer