Desktop & Components Online Price List in India

Desktop & Components Desktops have never lost their importance and value although laptops, mobiles and tablets have emerged in the market. Offices still prefer desktop for their work and especially graphic designers, developers etc . prefer working on desktops rather than laptops because they serve you with large screen size and better resolution. Buy Desktop Online at IndiaShopps and compare for the best price As there are many brands in the market offering you various desktops which have different configurations and features, don’t get fooled by the brands who quote much higher prices and offer bad product and service. It is always recommendable to compare before you buy. Here at IndiaShopps, you can just browse the best ones for you and can get one.

Desktop & Components Price List in India (2017)

Desktop & Components Price List Prices Rating
Cooler Master G550M 550 Watts PSURs.7,3904/5
Cooler Master B600 V2 600 Watts PSURs.5,9905/5
Angel 15amsmps 180 Watts PSURs.7994/5
Angel 10amsmps 120 Watts PSURs.5995/5
Angel 2amsmps 24 Watts PSURs.1994/5
Angel 5amsmps 60 Watts PSURs.4495/5
Asus XONAR ESSENCE STX PCI Express Internal Sound CardRs.14,4495/5
Sapphire AMD/ATI R9 285 DUAL-X 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics CardRs.19,9994.5/5
Circle Power 600 VA UPSRs.1,7994.5/5
Emerson Network Power (India) Pvt. Ltd. GXT MT+ CX 2kva Long Back-up UPSRs.23,5004/5

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