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Desktop & Components Desktops have never lost their importance and value although laptops, mobiles and tablets have emerged in the market. Offices still prefer desktop for their work and especially graphic designers, developers etc . prefer working on desktops rather than laptops because they serve you with large screen size and better resolution. Buy Desktop Online at IndiaShopps and compare for the best price As there are many brands in the market offering you various desktops which have different configurations and features, don’t get fooled by the brands who quote much higher prices and offer bad product and service. It is always recommendable to compare before you buy. Here at IndiaShopps, you can just browse the best ones for you and can get one.

Desktop Price List in India, Buy Desktop Online |

Price list of all Desktops in India from different online stores at Indiashopps. Buy Desktop online with best prices at

Position Desktop Price List in India, Buy Desktop Online | Prices Rating
1Tech Gear 4 Digit Debug Card Testing With Manual Motherboard(Red)Rs.3154/5
2Tech Gear PC 4-digit Code Diagnostic Analyzer Card Motherboard(Red)Rs.3155/5
3Tech Gear Mini PCI Lpc Analyzer Tester Computer Motherboard(Yellow)Rs.7254/5
4Foxconn H61 DDR3 Motherboard(Black, Green)Rs.3,5994.5/5
5Tech Gear IDE / SATA Converter PCI Internal Sound Card(2.1 Audio Channel)Rs.3494.5/5
6Speed Steel Sound 5Hv2 PCI Internal Sound Card(7.1 Audio Channel)Rs.4994/5
7Kingston ultra DDR4 16 GB (1 x 16) PC (CL14 PC42133 DIMM XMP)(Black)Rs.11,9005/5
8AMD 4 GHz AM3 FX 8350 Processor(Red)Rs.13,6904.5/5
9Zonet 2 Port USB KVM Switch 0 cm KVM Console(0)Rs.2,0004/5
10Zonet 0 cm KVM Console(0)Rs.1,8005/5