Creating Revolution

The world is changing, as is the internet. You can either experience changes, or be the change.

We are on the road to revolutionize online shopping - and become the hub for e-commerce in India - which is the hottest sector as of today. We are young, driven, and different. We are different and we think different. Our plans are not limited to the confines of a city or a college - but span the whole nation and the most booming sector - e commerce. We are on a mission to give the ultimate shopping experience to our user. In the process we defy ordinary thinking to achieve it.

So you think you could think outside the box? Well, we live outside the box.

Think you have what it takes? Come join us!

Send in your CV to [email protected] and stand a chance to be a part of the revolution.


  • Software Developer (PHP)
  • Content Writer
  • Front-End Developer
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