Massager Price List in India

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Massager Price List in India (2016)

Massager Price List Prices Rating
Asmi"s INTERNATIONAL BL-282 Ozomax 19 in 1 Magnetic Therapy MassagerRs.7994/5
Asmi"s INTERNATIONAL HG855 6 in 1 Beauty Callous Remover Facial Care MassagerRs.5494.5/5
Rohaas p7 SCALP1 MassagerRs.1094/5
Rohaas l15 fing MassagerRs.1494/5
Rohaas c175 MP1 MassagerRs.5995/5
Rohaas f55 BUTTERFLY1 MassagerRs.2494/5
ROHAAS M035011 HAND MASSAGER MassagerRs.7994.5/5
Rohaas h22 BRUSH1 MassagerRs.985/5
GHK H22 Full Body Oxygen & Blood Circulation BCM MassagerRs.5,4994/5
Gold Dust MPO_102 TWIN Mimo Electric MassagerRs.2995/5

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