Lens Filters Price List in India

Lens Filters Price List in India (2017)

Position Lens Filters Price List Prices Rating
1ozure ND Filter kit 62mm Set of 4pc ND Filter(62 mm)Rs.1,4254/5
2Fotga Camera Polarizing Filter (CPL)(77 mm)Rs.1,8005/5
3FOTGA Fader ND Filter(77 mm)Rs.2,2004/5
4Ozure Color Filter kit 55 mm Set of 5pc Color Effect Filter(55 mm)Rs.7994/5
5Ozure 13 Filter kit 72 mm Special Effects Filter(72 mm)Rs.1,9854.5/5
6Ozure 13 Filter kit 77 mm Special Effects Filter(77 mm)Rs.2,1154/5
7ozure 13 Filter kit 67 mm Special Effects Filter(67 mm)Rs.1,6155/5
8Ozure 4NDFK67mm ND Filter(67 mm)Rs.1,6494.5/5
9Ozure OZ13F55mm Special Effects Filter(55 mm)Rs.1,6254/5
10ozure ND Filter kit 52mm Set of 4pc ND Filter(52 mm)Rs.9495/5