Anthropology Price List in India

Anthropology Price List in India (2017)

Position Anthropology Price List Prices Rating
1Notes and Queries on Anthropology (Classic Reprint)Rs.1,7574.5/5
2Social Process (Classic Reprint)Rs.2,0054/5
3Introduction to the Study of Sociology (Classic Reprint)Rs.4,0865/5
4Primitive Secret Societies: A Study in Early Politics and Religion (1908)Rs.4,4944/5
5Primitive Society (1920)Rs.5,7184/5
6String Figures [1921 ]Rs.1,7485/5
7The Patriarchal Theory: Based on the Papers of the Late John Ferguson Mclennan (1885)Rs.5,1065/5
8The Australian Race: Its Origin, Languages, Customs, Place of Landing in Australia and the Routes by Which it Spread Itself Over the Continent (V.2 ) (1886-87)Rs.5,7185/5
9Trabajo de campo / Fieldwork: La Antropologia En AccionRs.6,9425/5
10Palolithic Man in N.W. Middlesex (1887)Rs.3,0365/5