Earth Sciences Price List in India

Earth Sciences Price List in India (2017)

Position Earth Sciences Price List Prices Rating
1Bhavishya Ka Urja Srot : Hydrogen (Awarded)Rs.2004/5
2Vedh Nakshatrancha (Marathi)Rs.1134/5
3Reaching for the Stars: India's Journey to MARS and BeyondRs.5875/5
4Rivers of India (3 Vols. Set)Rs.2,5204/5
5Optical MineralogyRs.1,6764.5/5
7The Greenhouse Effect: 1Rs.925/5
8A Regional Geography of the WorldRs.3255/5
9Fossilium Catalogus II: Plantae: Pars 45: Filicales, Pteridospermae, Cycadales Xviii Marzaria-Neuropteridium (Fossilium Catalogus Plantae)Rs.9,3265/5
10A Handbook Of Minerals, Crystals Rocks And OresRs.1,3974/5