Judaism Books Price List in India

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Judaism Price List in India (2017)

Judaism Price List Prices Rating
Sefer Targum Yonasan ben Uziel al haTorahRs.2,0545/5
Sefer Pleitas SofrimRs.7115/5
Sefer Keser KehunaRs.7114.5/5
Sefer Niflaos haZoharRs.8175/5
Sefer Shalmei TziburRs.3,2794/5
Sefer Damesek Eliezer 1Rs.1,6464/5
Sefer Otzros haTorah - Volume 1Rs.2,7104/5
Sefer Kitzur Klali HorahRs.6114.5/5
Sefer Mishmeres Kehunah Vol 1Rs.1,8504/5
Sefer Arugas Habosem 2Rs.1,2125/5

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