Anthologies Price List in India

Anthologies Price List in India (2017)

Position Anthologies Price List Prices Rating
1Studies in HerodotusRs.1,7245/5
2Capulet et MontaiguRs.8534/5
3Essays in CriticismRs.6,3304/5
4Sexual Dimorphism in the Animal Kingdom: A Theory of the Evolution of Secondary Sexual CharactersRs.4,9024/5
5Works, Volume 10Rs.4,3045/5
6Anthology of Irish VerseRs.3,5995/5
7Child-Songs and Sea-SongsRs.2,2134/5
8Selections from the Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, and Freeholder: Selections from the Spectator [No.159-579Rs.3,6955/5
9References for Students in English LiteratureRs.4,2994/5
10Studies in Literature: Second SeriesRs.3,1354/5