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Crafts, Home & Lifestyle Books Accomplish your passion and interest buying your favorite crafts, home & lifestyle books from the house of IndiaShopps. It is time to recreate your imaginations and witness them through a new perspective with this section of books. This section is especially for people who have an eye for art, craft, design and lifestyle. We understand the psychology of a creative mind and thus, we have handpicked our books wisely. There are several books related to art, craft, design, lifestyle etc, which are full of ideas and innovations, that you can apply in your real life and get achieve some cool results. Whether you are a design student, an interior designer, be it beginner, mediocre or a pro, housewife trying to decorate your home or anyone who loves to add up to the beauty of a space or a ambience, we have the appropriate books for everyone. Buy crafts, home & lifestyle books online in India Buy crafts, home & lifestyle books online in India, at IndiaShopps , which is your money saver platform. We always suggest to compare the rates of anything you buy online because prices do vary and we believe that why pay more when you can get it for less.