Design & Fashion Books Price List in India

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Design & Fashion Price List in India (2017)

Design & Fashion Price List Prices Rating
Geometry of Light: The Architecture of Arkan Zeytinoglu (English) 2012th Edition (Hardcover)Rs.3,7244/5
Open Design Now: How Design Can No Longer be Exclusive (English) (Paperback)Rs.2,9705/5
Raimund Abraham - [Un]Built, 2nd Ed. (English) (Hardcover)Rs.6,3144/5
Josef Hoffmann: Autobiography: Selbstbiographie (Paperback)Rs.2,1125/5
Self Portrait As Your Traitor (English) (Hardcover)Rs.1,8274/5
Moving the Eye Through 2-D Design: A Visual Primer (English) (Paperback)Rs.4,1524.5/5
Szenasy, Design Advocate: Writings and Talks by Metropolis Magazine Editor Susan S. Szenasy (Paperback)Rs.2,3994/5
The Journal of Modern Craft (English) (Paperback)Rs.2,2295/5
The Journal of Modern Craft (English) (Paperback)Rs.2,5054/5
Why Girls Love Bags: A Celebration of a Girls Best Friend (English) (Hardcover)Rs.4195/5

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