Dance Price List in India

Dance Price List in India (2017)

Position Dance Price List Prices Rating
1Korean Dance: Pure Emotion and Energy (English) (Paperback)Rs.1,3204/5
2Western Square Dances (English) (Paperback)Rs.1,1135/5
3You Could Be at Sea Dance Hosting (English) (Hardcover)Rs.1,9774/5
4Burlesque: Legendary Stars of the Stage, 2nd Ed. (B)Rs.2,7644.5/5
5Chamber: Dance Improvisation, Masculine Embodiment, and Subjectivity (English) (Paperback)Rs.4,3564/5
6American Square Dances Of The West And Southwest (English) (Paperback)Rs.2,4895/5
7Sofia Boutella (English) (Paperback)Rs.3,1144/5
8American Indian Dance Steps (English) (Paperback)Rs.1,5155/5
9Jos Lim N: An Unfinished Memoir (English) (Paperback)Rs.2,5034/5
10Telling the Truth (English) (Paperback)Rs.7914.5/5