Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 SP BTE

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Siemens Hearing Aid Lotus 12 SP BTE Description: 1. This LATEST DESIGNED Lotus 12SP model is, Ready-To-Wear, 100% Pure Digital,Super High Power, Behind-The-Ear hearing aid. 2. It suits for SEVERE to PROFOUND hearing loss. The LOTUS family combines the latest trimmer technology with lastest digital hearing features. 3. For the wearer it means superior sound quality with competitive price. LOTUS family uses a highly advanced feedback elimination system, for comfortable hearing. Features: · 100% digital signal processing chip · Low distorted, low noise digit acoustic fidelity output · Microphone noise abatement · Excellent feedback elimination system · New robust design with reinforcement, moisture-proof new outward appearance · Rocker volume control · Compatible with FM language teaching system · Two Trimmers: NH/MPO · Button control with two functions : M/T · Suit for the people with severe to profound hearing loss About The Company : Siemens products range from in-the-canal hearing instruments to behind-the-ear hearing instruments. In India, we have successfully implemented a unique Hearing Care Center (HCC) concept. A Siemens authorized HCC provides complete range of hearing healthcare services to all types of hearing instruments dispensing facilities, all under one roof. Our HCCs are associated with leading ENT doctors, audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals. Siemens offers a broad range of hearing aids for every lifestyle and all configurations of hearing loss-including completely invisible, waterproof, and rechargeable hearing aids, and wireless solutions that connect hearing aids wirelessly to mobile phones, TVs, MP3 players, and other audio devices.