Usha 3212 1300-Watts Halogen Oven

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Switch to a Hassle Free Way of Cooking

Always wanted to prepare those exotic dishes that’s aired on your favorite cook show? These multi-cuisine recipes might be elaborate, but when you have Usha Halogen Oven in your kitchen, you can easily prepare them at home. A halogen oven uses the heat of the bright halogen light to cook food. The cooking pot has a fan to circulate the air and evenly distribute the heat. Since it uses the convection method to cook food, your food is cooked uniformly and faster. Halogen ovens are super-efficient when it comes to energy, making it easier for you to preserve power.

Use the Power of Light to Cook Food Easily

Do you need an oven that will ensure that your food turns out to be tasty every time without putting in much effort? Choose the air fryer technology to cook food faster and easily without compromising on the taste. With the regular oven, there might be chances of overcooking or uneven cooking, but not with the halogen oven. The halogen oven uses the hot air methodology to heat food uniformly which results in evenly cooked food. Whether it is grilling, baking, roasting or deep frying, you are sure to find the perfect result each time. You also have the option of defrosting, so that you can use it to thaw frozen food. Also, when you are cooking in the halogen oven, regardless of what you are cooking, the oil requirement is very less. So, whether it is deep fried falafals or barbequed chicken, you can have healthy food which is also tasty.

Buy the Finest Technology at an Affordable Price

Usha has been a trusted brand for a long time, so you can rest assured about the quality of the product. The Usha 3212 1300-Watts Halogen oven has a capacity of 12 litres which allows you to cook a larger quantity at a lesser time. Bring home your cooking companion and churn out mouth-watering healthy dishes for your family and guests. Shop online at Amazon India and find the best price on the Usha Halogen Oven.