Water Dispenser Price List in India

Water Dispenser Price List in India

Position Water Dispenser Price List in India Prices Rating
1Voltas Minimagic Prime-T Water DispenserRs.7,3904/5
2Voltas Mini Magic Prime-T Bottled Water Dispe..Rs.8,3904.5/5
3Voltas Mini Magic Super - R 3L Water Dispense..Rs.9,3994/5
4Tupperware 500 Bottom Loading Water DispenserRs.1,5595/5
5Voltas Minimagic Super F-Water DispenserRs.8,2495/5
6Voltas Plus R Water DispenserRs.8,5954/5
7Usha HNCCC21V9S 20 L Water Dispenser With..Rs.9,2004.5/5
8Tupperware 0019 Bottom Loading Water Dispense..Rs.1,2304/5
9Livpro Luxury 11L Water DispenserRs.34,0005/5
10Voltas Mini Magic Fresh R Water DispenserRs.11,4905/5

Water Dispenser Online

Water is one of the most important elements required for human survival. However, drinking unclean water can do more harm than good. So, it becomes important for people to properly preserve the water. Today most households and offices have water purifiers, but they fail to get equipped with sanitary water dispenser, which ends up in spreading different virus amongst people. When it comes to consuming clean water, using a water purifier is not enough; users also need to ensure that they store the water properly so that it can be used for varied purposes afterwards. Customers can browse through our collection of Water Dispenser Online, which are designed for preventing any bacteria from generating in your water.

They also have cold and hot water setting which allows users to consume water according to their preferred settings. Users can also use its hot water settings and make beverages like green tea, coffee etc for themselves. They can also use it for preparing soup, cup noodles, Upma etc. Some of these water dispensers also come with a mini-fridge at the bottom of the machine, which can be used for storing fruits, drinks etc. This makes them a necessary machine in most places. It can also be used by hostel students, who will be able to use it as fridge and or as a coffee maker anytime they need.

Brands and Price List in India

Customers can find brands like Tupperware, Atlantis, Livpro Luxury, Blue Star, Voltas, and Usha etc on our website, which are some of the most popular and reliable water dispenser manufacturers in the country. You will be able to locate their presence in most institutes, hospitals, and companies etc.  You can also use Water Dispenser Price List in India given on our website to reach the price range of different products. Water Dispenser Price Online, is way cheaper compared to the offline market as users can avail multiple deals and coupons while shopping online which are not offered to them otherwise.

Compare and Drink Clean hot or Cold Water

Users can also use IndiaShopps for comparing specifications, features and price in India for different products to grab the best deals on the internet. They can also compare these products based on their settings and water capacity. Now that we have talked about the basic requirement of these water dispensers let’s talk about their type.


You must have seen them in most offices and restaurants. As their name suggests, you place the water bottle on these dispensers in an upturned position. They usually comprise of two water faucets, one with hot water and one with cold water, however many of them, also have an additional faucet which is used for dispensing lukewarm or home temperature water.


These dispensers comprise of a cap and hose which is inserted in the mouth of the bottle. And this bottle is usually placed in the base compound of the dispenser. The dispenser comprises a pump which sucks up water from the bottom whenever a user presses the buttons on the faucet.



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