JMG Juicer Mixer Grinder

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2 Stainless Steel Jars with PP Lid Kitchen Zone JMG ABS plastic juicer mixer grinder contains 2 stainless steel jars where one jar is a mixer, one grind. All three jars come with a pp lid, a transparent stopper and an ABS body material, making the product more reliable, stylish and sturdy. Having a juicer mixer and a grinder all rolled into one, makes your cooking experience all the more convenient, fun. The jars are suitable for grinding any fruit, vegetable and other food related ingredients. Super Sharp Blades All the jars are well equipped with a super sharp blade with a speed setting three, giving you a fine grinding experience. The speed and the sharpness of the blade make grinding instant as per the requirement. You can also adjust the speed levels up to three as per your requirement and the fineness of grinding need. These super sharp steel blade operates on a 500 watt that and overload protector apt for juicing mixing and grinding. Anti-Skid Feet Kitchen Zone JMG juicer mixer grinders possess a high safety quotient as they come laden with anti-skid feet which are non-slippery in nature. This accident proof feature is a rarity in the market these days and makes this particular product a must have in the kitchen. Not only does this make it more reliable, but user-friendly as well. The skid-free quotient also locks the product when in operation unless disturbed by some external factors. Rust Proof Plastic Body The Kitchen Zone JMG juicer mixer grinder has a plastic body which is rust proof in nature. This makes sure that your precious juicer stays as good as new even after regular usage. The usage of high-quality plastic makes sure that the product is easy to use, operate and maintain whilst giving it an unbreakable quality.