Greenline Commercial Mixer Grinder with 1000 Watts

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Mixer Grinder is the core accessory for the home, restaurants, hotels that uses the machine for the impeccable performance. The Greenline Mixer Grinder is a powerful 1000 Watts machine that reduces the time of making recipes significantly. The design of the product has been 'SOLID BUILD', made for the purpose of commercial use as well..........The product comprises of three set of Jars in which two are made of Stainless Steel and one with the Polycarbonate plastic material (Unbreakable) for the purpose of making it of multi-use, thus providing the customer 'DELIGHTFUL TREATMENT'. • The first Jar known to be 'Liquidizer Jar' has 2 Litres Capacity made of Polycarbonate Plastic (UNBREAKABLE) for the preparation of Coffee, Milk Shakes and Sodas etc. • Second Jar known as 'Grinder Jar' has 2.25 Litres Capacity for preparing Fresh Cream, Mayonnaise and Omelet as well as for grinding dry Indian Masalas. • Third Jar known as 'Chutney Grinder' has 500 MLitres use for the day to day grinding of chilies and paste for garlic & ginger etc.