Godrej GME 34CA1 MKZ 34-Litre Convection InstaCook Microwave Oven

Rs. 22,450.00

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An amazing microwave oven by Godrej. This oven has a 34 L capacity, silver body colour and a mirror door. It is highly reflective, is easy to clean and has hygienic stainless steel interiors. This oven has a drop down design and comes with 175 instacook menus. It has 11 power levels to help you cook different types of delicious dishes. It also has a digital display system and comes with superb accessories and features. Get this home and feel the difference. Additional Features 11 Power Levels Allows you to cook food at different power levels for various types of food. Flexibility to decide the microwave power level, based on whether you would like to defrost, melt, cook or warm. Stainless Steel Cavity Highly Reflective, easy to clean and hygienic stainless steel interiors. The stainless steel interiors ensure faster and even cooking. It is easy to clean and hence helps to increase the life of the microwave oven MultiStage Cooking Set upto 3 stages of cooking at a single go. Once set, the Microwave oven will automatically cook your food through the 3 stages while you spend your precious time with your family. Preset Cooking Set the microwave to start cooking at a later time. You can pre program the microwave oven to start cooking at a later time and can go out or continue with some other work without having to worry about serving fresh and hot food for your family at any time. Jet Defrost Can defrost food based on time. You can save time by using microwave power to defrost frozen food in a matter of minutes. Child Lock Allows the machine keys to be locked during operation. Prevents unintended changes during the cooking. Prevents accidents by interaction with kids.